Vice & Virtue is a family-owned company with a mission to bring better vegan product choices to all consumers. We look in all corners of the world for companies developing quality, tasty vegan products and bring them to market in the UK and Europe.  We believe that all consumers deserve better ethical food and by improving consumer choice, it becomes easier to switch to a lifestyle that’s better for the environment, the animals and the people. 

After travelling the world, living in various countries and meeting some remarkable people, we decided it was time for us to change our lifestyle, and so began our vegan journey. This journey started at a time when quality, convenient vegan food was a bit scarce. Whilst these days aren’t quite behind us yet, global vegan choices get better every day, pushing taste and culinary creativity to new heights. We are excited to work with a number of amazing suppliers, creating delicious alternatives to people’s most loved meals. There has never been a better time to go vegan. A food vice can now also be a virtue.

With global reach, we have a local mindset. We are proud to work with suppliers ranging from grassroot startups to medium sized companies looking to take a step to larger markets. We provide information, advice and support to new businesses, and maintain a business model that aims to keep more small to medium sized companies in business, wherever they might be located.